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Cacao Tree

The Cacao Tree brand was inspired by the desire to create great tasting chocolate for everyone, regardless of their dietary requirements. Our health-supported products are made with high-quality ingredients and are perfect for the health conscious individual.

Our Products

Our range includes the following flavours

Cacao Tree Naturally Sweet Chocolate - No Added Sugar

Milk Chocolate

No Added Sugar

This bar is just as creamy and smooth as your favourite milk chocolate bar, without the extra calories of sugar. It is naturally sweetened with Maltitol, a plant based sweetener.

Cacao Tree Naturally Sweet Chocolate - Lactose Free

Milk Chocolate

Lactose Free

This nutritious dense & flavoursome milk chocolate bar, is loaded with Vitamin D and an epic hit of 12.2g of Protein. Perfectly designed to fuel and sustain a busy day.

Cacao Tree Naturally Sweet Chocolate - Protein Enriched

Milk Chocolate

Protein Enriched

A deliciously smooth and irresistibly tasty textural milk chocolate bar , with 98% lactose free ingredients, and added Fibre. A perfect chocolate alternative for sensitive digestive systems and for those who have specific dietary requirements.

Exclusively located in the Health Aisle at Coles Supermarkets.